May 10, 2018


Change is the name of the game. In this, case Twitter is following the league of Facebook and Instagram, who have both brought some revolutionary changes in terms of content consumption.

Give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. – Twitter Mission Statement.

Now the duplicity of content will not be able to thrive the twitter policing. There is a mechanism with which the identical tweets from multiple accounts would be prohibited. This comes as a relief in the days of data duplicity and IPR.

Also, simultaneous tweeting from third party platforms for making a hashtag or a campaign viral, will also be put under scrutiny. This would also check for authentic content and not robot based tweeting mechanism.

Marketers now need to start utilizing the social monitoring feature to involve people who are active users and are continuously tweeting and retweeting the brand based content. This way microblogging becomes an aid to digital marketing.

The bulk or aggressive activities on T