Surging Facets of Social Media Marketing in 2017 by Digital Stories

Social Media Marketing Strategy & Trends

Social Media Marketing – a term well defined, yet undergoing constant re-phrasing, for continuously re-emerging facets of marketing across social media platforms. Commenced as an ingenious idea to market brands and businesses across the consumer generated mediums; over the years, it has transpired into a vigorous marketing endeavor that requires exercising, inventing and performing every day. And with it, has transformed the way we market online, filter and reach the right audience amongst the millions of platform users, and be invincibly competitive.

The unceasing and eternal quest for unquestionably empowered social media marketing and the insatiable thirst for winning over this everyday battlefield has unveiled and discovered various trends, tactics, technologies and platforms for propelling and promoting various businesses, products and brands across the web, through these years. And, every time we try analyzing and concluding these strategies and concepts, we meet another few new identities and ideas to be embraced and adopted for satiating marketing efforts.

And, here we define such newer identities and ideas that will influence, lead and also outshine the year 2017, followed by the next few years:

SEO Integration on Social Media

We have been searching and researching for everything we want to know over internet across search engines, since the emergence of web and internet. But, this is also seeing a behavioral change for some time, as the users have started searching for information, products and service over social media platforms also. This is perhaps inspired by the fact that over social media, users get results in the visual form of content, which is naturally more appealing and easy to eat. Plus, here, users believe to get real reviews, experiences and thoughts.

Compelled by this, we may soon hear about a technology or technique for a robust SEO on social media, far ahead of simply adding hash tags on the content.

Live Marketing via Live Streaming

The inclination towards videos, precisely saying – interesting & engaging videos is already ruling the consumer driven online platforms, which is now undergoing a whole new conversion into live streaming led by fresh identities like Meerkat, Periscope and Blab. And, it’s not only about creating videos; it’s about creative live videos – which better motivates the audience for engagement and involvement, for being signifying real content.

Besides, Facebook is also expected to soon bring in its own Facebook Live feature, obviously following the latest trend, to allow people across the world to do live streaming of anything they want to. And, this will definitely push this trend further ahead in the league. We are also expecting Google to soon join the race.

Also, videos will get re-invented further, to bolster marketing productivity further.

From Social Media to Social eStore

Now that we get influenced daily by social media on making our buying decisions, social media has come forward to even offering us to buy directly from their platform, using the feature of buy buttons. Emphasizing on ‘buy’ features processed by Facebook and Pinterest, which are already gaining consumer preferences, for being truly convincing and convenient, we’ll soon see social media also being delineated as social media market or social media store.

More in the league are Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and lots more are expected to join sooner. Eventually, the ‘buy button’ will be a crucial marketing element.

New Age of Social Media Publications

You must have experienced a very amiable reading of a web-article, which you opened through a Facebook post and got instantly landed on the article in almost no time. Plus, this page had been moreover interactive (especially on iPhones), giving you an experience of reading over an app, which you actually did, rather than reading a web page. That’s what Facebook Instant Articles has done and the way Facebook is offering audience to read all they want to from across the web, without letting them leave its app.

Similar is the story of Snapchat Discover and Twitter Moments, which are also focused on bringing more interactive and creative editorial features.

After all, it’s all about motivating the users on spending the maximum possible time on an application.

Portable Social Media to Prosper

After those who want to keep the user tightened on their social media platforms, comes one that allows the audience to be themselves, do whatever they want to and yet, get engaged on their platform. This belongs to Podcast – a new age social media technique that allows a marketer to speak to their audience, while allowing the consumers to listen to their choice of content, at their suitable time, place and possibilities.

It actually allowing users to not to stay glued to their platform, yet engage on it!

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