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Enterprise Resource Planning

We Strive to Plan Your Resources to Contribute for Business Growth & Profit 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software innovation in a technology driven market which allows organizations to utilize a system of integrated applications for managing the business and automate many core affairs of a company related to technology, services, and human resources.

With increasing significance of Enterprise Resource planning in today’s business world, Avenir Digital stories integrate all the aspects of an organizational operation through innovative ERP software that includes product planning, organizing, developing, manufacturing, warehousing, sales, and marketing, servicing- in a single database, application and user interface.

This can ensure huge elevation in the effectiveness of any organization by:

•    Providing assistance in defining business processes and ensuring they adhere to entire supply chain procedure;

•    Securing your crucial business data and information through well-defined roles and security access.

•    Enabling you to plan the work according to priorities and work load.

•    Equipping you with the desired tools to give a star quality service to your customers.

•    Interpreting your business data into decision making information.

Avenir Digital Stories ERP Solutions

 Accounting and Finance: Improve productivity with accounting software that our team develops as per the accounting requirements of an organization. Our ERP solutions take care of all your financing/accounting needs with the active and precise accounting software.

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Sales and Customer management: Sales drives revenue in any organization and customer play the role of king. So, efficient integration of sales and customer management process becomes crucial for any organization. Get the best ERP solution to ensure efficient sales and customer management that include instant access to inventory, stocks, purchase/sales data, customer data, etc.

Supply chain management: Maintain an automated record of accurate and streamlined supply data through our Enterprise resource planning software that is tested in various organizational setup.

HR and payroll: With our efficient and smart ERP software at your disposal, managing your employee data and payrolls becomes hassle-free and enhances the efficiency of HR team.

Inventory Management and Warehousing: Getting updated with the inventory status is crucial for successful inventory, sales and customer management. Our Enterprise Resource Planning software not only equips you with real-time inventory tracking and monitoring but also improves business process across varied operations.

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