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Content Management System

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Content Management system (CMS) is gaining popularity these days because of its ease in managing website content. CMS is a software package that allows creating, editing, archiving, publishing, collaborating, reporting, distributing website or online content, data and information. A CMS creates not only the structure of how the content in the form of information, images, videos and design elements will be exhibited, it also gives a set of all the tools for populating a website.

From basic content management tools to unconventional features and functionalities, Avenir Digital Stories offers you a CMS that provides a complete website solution which is exceptionally easy-to-use. Our Content Management System allows users to have full control over files, documents, as well as the display and designs of the content. The best part is you can create and manage your website without any technical know-how. Our prime purpose is to serve the capability for multiple users with varying permission levels to manage a website or a section of the website with ease. For an example, a content writer who writes blogs and articles for a website can access the blog section of the website and upload the blogs by itself without doing any sort of coding.

Things you can manage using our Content Management System:

Text, Image, Media and more: It allows adding and editing information in the form of texts, images, videos and other media forms. You can also create links to other web pages, upload documents and insert content from popular services like SlideShare, Youtube etc.

Product Listing: You can quickly upload products on your pages and once entire setup is done it will automatically be tied to the complete online store and shopping cart that is built in CMS.

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Forms: you can create forms in any format, be it any application form, feedback form, newsletter sign up or any other you want to display on your website. The entries made via form are emailed to the authorized id or can be exported to excel or CSV.

Blogs: A complete blogging solution is built right into your website where you can easily add or edit posts.

You can create any type of website content using our exceptional CMS tools loaded with unique features. So, if you are looking for an efficient Content Management System in an effort to optimize your website, you have landed to the right provider

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